South Carolina Interfaith Power & Light (SCIPL) is inspired by diverse faith perspectives to care for the Earth and all its inhabitants. SCIPL addresses climate change by engaging people of faith to work together for a just and sustainable future. SCIPL offers programs and resources for advocacy, action, energy conservation, education, networking, and worship.


SCIPL recently selected three congregations to participate in our 2018/19 Congregational Energy Efficiency Challenge Program. Last year’s winning congregations successfully made facility upgrades with estimated savings of $33,000 on their energy bills. Congregations awarded for 2019 are:  St. Thaddeus Episcopal (Aiken), Forest Lake Presbyterian (Columbia), and Trinity Worldwide Missions (Charleston).  We are working to raise funding for another challenge in late 2019.  If your congregation is interested in participating, click here to find out more and download an application.



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We believe that caring for the Earth is an important moral responsibility. Many faith communities have long utilized public declarations of faith, which can solidify common values, a strong sense of community, and a shared commitment toward living morally.

A moral commitment to caring for the Earth is something we should all share, but we have to make it known publicly if we want others to embody it. That is why we ask congregations and individuals in our network to consider filling out SCIPL’s Earth Care Covenant. Please join us today in making our voices heard as people of faith who are committed to Earth Care.

Is your congregation, group or committee ready to take Earth Care seriously? Check out the SCIPL’s Earth Care Covenant for Congregations.

Whether you are part of a faith community or not, we invite you to sign our Earth Care Covenant for Individuals and consider getting involved in our work for environmental justice.